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Mission, Values, Vision


To engage all students in an innovative high school and college-level experience that promotes academic excellence.  

Equity & Diversity
Promote a culture that celebrates all differences and fosters equal opportunity to succeed

Treat each other honestly, ethically, and respectfully in an atmosphere of trust

Positive spirit
Have consideration for others, work collaboratively and take pride in our work

Make positive contributions engagement

within the school, college, and greater community

Overcome challenges to meet and exceed high expectations academically and personally

Academic excellence
Engage in high-quality, well-rounded curriculum, rich in meaning and rigor

Answer for personal conduct and obligations by taking initiative, pursuing opportunities, and being prepared



The Academy will provide a supportive environment of high expectations, respect, and uncompromising excellence in education and civic responsibility.  Students will earn transferable college credit in high school and be prepared to pursue post-secondary opportunities.  Students will be motivated and prepared to meet intellectual challenges, learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and develop social, emotional, and academic competence to succeed in a global marketplace.