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If accepted for enrollment at Mt. SAC Academy you agree to support the program and participate as indicated below.

  • Make education a high priority in my life, including positive participation in class and school activities.
  • Work to achieve my highest potential.
  • Be punctual and maintain good attendance in all high school and college classes.
  • Take responsibility for my own learning, behavior, and success.
  • Devote a minimum of two hours each night to homework, studying, and reading.
  • Show respect for everyone in the school community and the rights of others to learn and succeed.
  • Behave in a manner that shows respect for the high school, college, school facilities, and equipment.
  • Maturely handle the freedoms of scheduling in a college setting, and understand that taking college courses is a privilege, not a right.
  • Adhere to the technology agreements of Mt. SAC and WCUSD.
  • Understand that I will be required to complete several classroom projects to help me apply classroom concepts to real world situations. 
  • Attend and participate in school functions scheduled during evening and weekend hours
  • Ensure access to transportation to and from school and other functions as needed. 
  • Ensure has good attendance and arrive to school on time.
  • Complete homework and assignments to the best of my ability.
  • Stay informed about Mt. SAC Academy activities by checking the school website, and reading information sent home or via email.
  • Dedicate a minimum of two hours each evening for my student to study and do homework.
  • Understand that I will be required to complete several classroom projects to help me apply the concepts to real world situations.
  • Understand the primary reason for attending Mt. SAC Academy is to enroll in and complete college courses transferable to a 4-year college or certificate program at Mt. SAC.
  • Understand all college coursework and grades become a permanent part of my official college academic history and transcript.  Final grades have far-reaching effects on future entrance to the college or university of choice, scholarships, financial aid, awards, etc.
  • Understand students are expected to meet all deadlines for course selection, add or drop course dates, assignment due dates, etc.
  • Understand attendance in college courses is required.
  • Understand I am responsible for resolving issues with college instructors, admissions, and administration on their own.  Parents cannot contact college personnel.  If I am having difficulty resolving a college issue on my own, I should contact the Academy administration for assistance. 
  • Understand that Mt. SAC Academy does not have organized athletics, band, choir or drama.
  • Understand that I am responsible for following all rules and regulations, and the Student Code of Conduct, for Mt. SAC and WCUSD. 
  • Understand that it is my responsibility to be familiar with the Student Handbook and adhere to the policies therein.
  • Understand that if I do not maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average, good attendance and appropriate behavior in all high school and college courses, I may be transferred to his or her high school of residence.